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Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle picture

Trivia: The cyclops thumb in the bar, who says, 'Woo-hoo' is in every thumb movie.

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Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers picture

Trivia: "Moon cheese shares soar." is written on the newspaper that Gromit is reading at the beginning of the episode, a reference to "Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out" (1989).

Dr Wilson
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A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit picture

Trivia: In the basement scene there is a red sled called Rose Bud, referencing a sled of the same name in Citizen Kane. (00:02:50)

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Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave picture

Trivia: When Gromit is in jail, "Feathers was here" is written on the wall behind him. Feathers McGraw was the villain of Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (1993).

Dr Wilson
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Pop Goes the Easel picture

Trivia: One of the little girls playing hopscotch is Larry Fine's daughter.

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Fast and Furry-ous picture

Trivia: When the Coyote is about to attack the Road Runner with an axe towards the end of the cartoon, look behind him and you can see a billboard saying "Jones Motel" - a reference to the Warner Brothers director Chuck Jones.

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Trivia: When a group of people are watching a TV towards the end of the cartoon, there is a banner above the set saying "Foster's Television" - a reference to the Warner Brothers story writer Warren Foster.

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Hare Conditioned picture

Trivia: The department store manager that harasses Bugs Bunny throughout the cartoon is a parody of The Great Gildersleeve, a character played by Harold Peary in the radio programme "Fibber McGee and Molly."

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Rabbit of Seville picture

Trivia: Bugs' line of "Eh, next!" at the very end of the cartoon is the only spoken line of dialogue. The rest of both his and Elmer Fudd's lines are all sung.

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Curtain Razor picture

Trivia: Two of the acts that audition for Porky are a man whose trained pigeons fly out of a window, and a fox who does a dangerous stunt involving drinking chemicals. These acts would be re-used in a 1957 Friz Freleng cartoon, "Show Biz Bugs", with Daffy Duck as the performer.

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Daffy Doodles picture

Trivia: When Porky is walking past the movie theatre, all of the film posters have moustaches drawn on them. You can see a poster of Warner Brothers star Bugs Bunny with a moustache at the ticket office.

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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown picture

Trivia: Just after Linus seals his letter to the Great Pumpkin in an envelope, he walks past Lucy who is sitting on the floor watching TV. In her hands, Lucy is holding an issue of TV Guide Magazine. On the cover? Lucy, sitting on the floor in the same position, wearing the same blue dress. (00:07:00)

Professor Zed
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The Battle of the Century picture

Trivia: Lou Costello (of Abbott and Costello fame) can be seen as a member of the audience at the prize fight.

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Hare Do picture

Trivia: When the usher throws Elmer out of the movie theatre for going into the Ladies' Lounge, there are two buildings with the names of Warner Brothers animators on the roof. The building on the right reads "H. Love Insurance" (Harry Love), whereas the building on the left reads Batchelders (Warren Batchelder).

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A Broken Leghorn picture

Trivia: In the cartoon's opening title credits, there is no "Layout" next to Robert Gribbroek's name, which makes him appear to be an animator.

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Bye, Bye Bluebeard picture

Trivia: After this cartoon, Arthur Davis's unit disbanded. Davis remained with Warner Brothers as an animator for Friz Freleng's unit, and would return as a director in the 1960s.

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Trivia: Final Warner Brothers cartoon in which Arthur Q. Bryan voiced Elmer Fudd. The voice actor died in November 1959.

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Devil's Feud Cake picture

Trivia: The cartoon uses footage from three previous Bugs Bunny episodes: "Hare Lift", "Roman Legion-Hare" and "Sahara Hare."

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Stupor Duck picture

Trivia: When Cluck Trent (Daffy) takes a break from writing, he pulls out from his pocket a box of "Dr. Pierce's Mild Pills" - a reference to the Warner Brothers story writer, Tedd Pierce.

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Deduce, You Say picture

Trivia: There is a sign at the "Henry the Eighth's Fifth" advertising "Selzer's Water" - a reference to the Warner Brothers producer Eddie Selzer.

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