Canary Row

Canary Row (1950)

6 mistakes

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Directed by: Friz Freleng

Starring: Bea Benaderet, Mel Blanc

Genres: Animated, Comedy, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester dresses up as the busker's monkey, he is holding a cup when he goes over to Tweety's apartment. But when Sylvester is climbing up the drainpipe, the cup is missing, and when Granny gives him a penny, he is holding the cup again.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester runs into the Broken Arms Apartment Building, you can see the front door of the entrance has nothing on it, but when Sylvester is being attacked by the guard in the next shot, there are metal bars on the door.

Continuity mistake: When we see Tweety singing, you can see that the bottom of his cage has nothing on it, but when we see Sylvester next to the cage, a door has appeared.

Continuity mistake: When Granny sees Sylvester dressed as the busker's monkey, you can see behind her there is a rocking chair, a table and a picture on the wall. But when we see Granny in the next shot, the items have all disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester uses his binoculars to focus on the window in front of him, you can see that Tweety's cage contains a swing. But when Tweety says "I did! I did taw a puddy tat!", the swing is missing.

Continuity mistake: When Tweety calls for help and jumps out of his cage after seeing Sylvester, you can see that the ring on the top of his cage is pointing to the right, but when Tweety says "Bad ol' putty tat!" the ring is now pointing to the left.

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