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New this month Plot hole: Thanos' henchmen could not know that Vision was in Wakanda to get the stone from his forehead.

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New this month Suggested correction: Seeing as how they were able to locate Vision and Wanda in Scotland earlier in the movie, the stones most likely give off some signature that certain individuals can track if they are skilled enough. Thanos, for example, knew at the beginning of the film that two of the stones were located on Earth.

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Plot hole: How come the Extremis serum was able to regenerate Ellen Brandt's arm but not repair the scar on her face? According to the movie, the serum is supposed rewrite the body's genetic code and constantly repair damaged cells, so her face should have been restored to its original state, just like her missing arm. Even if she had been born with the scar the serum would have healed it, just like it healed all of Aldrich Killian's physical impairments. (00:51:40)

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Plot hole: When Baby Groot finds and brings items thinking they are what Yondu wants, he brings a desk that screeches when he drags it. There is no way he could have dragged it any great distance without alerting anyone, including the guards (seen later) posted nearby. Or if he were closer, Yondu or Rocket would have stopped him. Or even put it back (it's not seen again).

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