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Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

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Plot hole: Otto Octavius in this movie instantly recognizes the Green Goblin as Norman Osborn, a fact that was never public at least as long as Ock lived. On the other hand, he does not react to Lizard being revealed as Curt Connors, who was a colleague of his in 'his' universe but never a freaky mutated dinosaur like in the 'other' universe.

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Suggested correction: Green goblin died and his identity would've been public after his death.

Wrong. Peter placed Norman's corpse on his bed and was discovered by Harry. It's not like he left Norman's body in the building ruins to be discovered by the authorities. Harry himself didn't even know his father was the Green Goblin until the very end of Spider-Man 2. Even Norman's dying wish to Peter was to not tell Harry the truth about him.

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Otto Octavius: Hello, Peter.

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Trivia: Spider-Man asking Doctor Strange to cast a spell in order to make people forget that he is Peter Parker is similar to the comics storyline "One More Day." After the events of "Civil War" where Spider-Man revealed his secret identity to the world, he made a deal with Mephisto to save Aunt May's life in exchange for Mephisto nullifying Peter's marriage to Mary Jane Watson. As part of the deal, Mephisto erased everyone's memory of Spider-Man being Peter Parker.

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Question: When Dr. Strange separates Peter's spirit from his body how is Peter still able to make his arm move?

Answer: His spider-sense is probably somewhat aware that his astral form has been separated from his physical body, so it is taking over and controlling his movements.

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Answer: I guess I missed something because I thought that suit was made with Stark tech and has nanotech in it. I figured it was the suit keeping the box away and Doctor Strange thought it was Peter.


That's a possibility I didn't think of, and it admittedly makes more sense than my answer.

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