The Andromeda Strain

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Factual error: When Jack escapes from the helicopter explosion, the chopper is destroyed. When Jack walks back, the two pilots' bodies are sitting in their seats, apparently unscathed. The whole rest of the chopper is missing - doors, windshield, dashboard... Yet they weren't blown to bits?



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Factual error: When Tsi recalls the incident in China with the disease, the camera shows an Army officer banging on the door of the hospital; we can see that the glass is wire-reinforced safety glass. The officer (actually, it is an unexplained other actor) then uses the butt of his pistol to break the glass. In real life, this kind of glass is too strong for this to be possible. And even if a super-strong person could break it, it would fall clumped up, as safety glass is designed to do. But here, it shatters into several large shards.



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Factual error: When the doctors are testing the contagiousness of Andromeda on the rats and monkey, in a highly secure, bio-sealed environment, the robotic arm that does the work simply pushes the containers together - no seals, no suction or vacuum. There would be absolutely no chance whatsoever of a real bio-research lab doing this so casually.

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The Army Humvee arrives in Piedmont and finds the townsfolk all dead. The timecode on the truck's video recording is 22:13 hours. When the team gathers to learn of the situation, they are shown this video. The General then presents a video he says is 2 hrs later, the view from the drone with infrared film. The time code on this, is 3:15. Both were shot in the same place, and both would be local time, so the time is wrong. More to the point, the original drone footage did not have any timecode on it.