The Andromeda Strain

Show generally

Continuity mistake: The cop (Marty) enters the diner and shoots three patrons before killing himself. Moments later, the security tape that the Army watches, has the timing and positions of the characters a little different. Clearly, they had to re-shoot the scene from the different angle.



Season 1 generally

Factual error: When Jack escapes from the helicopter explosion, the chopper is destroyed. When Jack walks back, the two pilots' bodies are sitting in their seats, apparently unscathed. The whole rest of the chopper is missing - doors, windshield, dashboard... Yet they weren't blown to bits?



Season 1 generally

Continuity mistake: When Jack is alone in the desert and the girl's Jeep stops nearby, he is positioned towards the right-front corner of it. But when he approaches it, he walks into the scene from the left-front corner of it. There's no reason he'd walk way around the area - he is suffering from the heat and would walk as little as possible, in a straight line to it.



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