Power Rangers Megaforce

Legendary Battle - S2-E20

Other mistake: The legend rangers have cameos where their Ranger helmets reveal which team they fought with. Tommy has the White Ranger helmet appear and even uses Saba (his White Ranger weapon) to rescue a child from a car but he actually fights as the Green ranger in the war.

Legendary Battle - S2-E20

Other mistake: Tommy appears as the Green Ranger; this is not possible since his Green powers were lost forever in MMPR season 2 which led him to becoming the White Ranger.

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If you look closely at the army of Rangers in the opening credits, you can see four versions of Tommy Oliver: Green Ranger, White Ranger, Zeo Ranger Red, Black Dino Ranger. Even though he had a single clone made, he can't be four variations at the same time.



The last scene where the Rangers decide to make this their mission has the exact dialogue from the original pilot episode from 1993, right down to the pink ranger teasing she wasn't going to accept the position before saying "joking!"