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3 mistakes in season 4

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Presto-Tina-O - S4-E10

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the episode, Sazerac declares Peter Pescadero the winner of the magic contest and says Peter's prize is a check for $500. However, when we see close-ups of Peter performing a quick magic trick with the check, the check reads "Five Thousand Dollars."

Turkey in a Can - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: The first time Bob finds his turkey in the toilet, he puts it in a trash can and lays it on the living room coffee table for a family discussion. The camera zooms in on Louise and when it zooms out, the turkey is not on the table anymore. When it shows the table a second time, the turkey reappears.

Presto-Tina-O - S4-E10

Other mistake: When Louise and Gene try to steal the candy bar from Andy and Ollie's pocket, they are at school eating lunch but the clock in the background says it's 5:20.

Carla Nadia Greca
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Suggested correction: I've been in plenty of schools where the clocks are wrong; either because they stopped running, aren't reset after a time change, or run too fast or slow.


Aquaticism - S7-E14

Trivia: In the opening intro the store next to Bob's is called "Pro-pain Accessories" and the exterminator is "Dale's Dead-Bug." Hank Hill, from the show "King of the Hill", sells propane and propane accessories and his neighbor, Dale Gribble, owns Dale's Dead-Bug. Jim Dauterive, one of the show's creator/writer was also a writer/producer for "King of the Hill."

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