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Bob's Burgers (2011)

2 mistakes in season 3

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Mutiny on the Windbreaker - S3-E4

Other mistake: When Gene slaps the pennies out of the woman's hand with the glasses her eyes turn white with an animation error where her coat and mouth intersect. (00:16:45)

An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal - S3-E5

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Fishoedor enters the restaurant, Bob is cleaning a coffee pot with a rag. In the next frame, the coffee pot vanishes from Bob's hand. Later, when the perspective is changed again, the coffee pot appears on top of a blue platform. (00:01:35)

Aquaticism - S7-E14

Trivia: In the opening intro the store next to Bob's is called "Pro-pain Accessories" and the exterminator is "Dale's Dead-Bug." Hank Hill, from the show "King of the Hill", sells propane and propane accessories and his neighbor, Dale Gribble, owns Dale's Dead-Bug. Jim Dauterive, one of the show's creator/writer was also a writer/producer for "King of the Hill."

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