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Corrected entry: Where do the resistance fighters get their weapons? They have carried Russian AK series, German UMP's, American M4's and M16's and Israeli Galil series just to name a few. While they might have salvaged the M4's and M16's from US military sources, it is highly unlikely they would find foreign assault rifles and ammunition in the Northeastern United States. That area of the US is notorious for its strict gun control laws.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: This is not a plot hole or error, if anything, it's a question. First off, show starts 6 months after the alien invasion; plenty of time for various guns to be moved to the Boston area. Second, many of the fighters were ex-military or ex-police, who would have access to weapons, even in an anti-gun region. Third, we're told a lot of the guns come from Alex Vlensa, a paranoid gun collector who had a vast variety of guns. There are several additional reasons and ways they get foreign weaponry.


Shall We Gather at the River - S2-E2

Corrected entry: During the abortive attack on the aliens' structure in season 1, Weaver's command car, the GTO convertible with the 50 cal gets hit, and ends up lying on its side. The second episode of season 2 shows it, intact and undamaged as Tom and Weaver are discussing their plans. I can understand salvaging the .50, but the fuel and engine oil would have leaked out of the GTO, and once on its four wheels there would be no guarantee of its starting.

Correction: Actually, unless the engine block cracked, most of the oil would likely stay inside the engine, likewise unless the gas cap broke off, most of the gasoline would remain in the tank. I had a motorcycle accident a few years ago, and after a year, I still had to drain oil out of the engine to finish rebuilding it.


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Corrected entry: The show takes place in the Northeast US where there are many nuclear facilities. Without constant supervision and maintenance, these facilities would start to experience catastrophic meltdowns, causing the entire area to become uninhabitable.

Correction: This mistake entry relies on a number of assumptions. We have never been given a complete back story on the history of the world after the invasion. We don't know what we did with the power plants so we can't make the assumption that they were simply abandoned.


Season 3 generally

Corrected entry: When Tom, Cochise and Captain Weaver are about to aboard Pope's vintage plane, after Cochise asking if the plane is capable of flight, Cochise starts walking to the airplane's stairs and grabs the door's handle, he gets in the plane but his hand gets stuck in the handle, he struggles to get it out but he can't. The camera shows Tom in first plane but this happens in the background, there is a scene cut and now Cochise is no longer struggling to get his hand/glove out of the airplane door's handle.

Correction: There was enough time off screen for Cochise to get his hand clear. Not a mistake.


Live and Learn - S1-E1

Factual error: When Tom has decided his scout group will have to go for the food and then his look for his son later, they are stood on a green. There is a war memorial dedicated to both World Wars, 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945. That's got to be in Canada, as the USA didn't enter either war until later than those dates. (00:28:00)

Dominic Ceraldi

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Question: Did humans at any point on the show ever reverse engineer any of the alien technology?

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