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The Pacific (2010)

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Corrected entry: Gunnery Sergeant Haney wears three chevrons and one "rocker", actually the insignia for the lower rank of Platoon Sergeant.


Correction: In the book "the Pacific", it's explained: everyone (including Captain Haldane and Cowboy) calls Haney "gunny" but he actually does not hold that rank. He was one of the few Marines to see combat in WW1, and was relegated to a stateside assignment in WW2, but he jumped a ship and headed for combat in the Pacific. Due to his experience, demeanor, etc., everyone respectfully refers to him as "Gunny" Haney.

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In the scene where John Basilone goes looking for his friend Manny. Basilone has 3rd degree burns on his left forearm and left hand but in the shot he is walking through the jungle holding a pistol tightly in his left hand and his canteen is on his right side as he walks past a group of trees. The next shot he is continuing walking through the jungle but the gun is in his right hand (which isn't burned) and his canteen has also switched sides as he walks past the same group of trees.