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Corrected entry: During several of the episodes, the cuts in the table from when Jeff hit it with an axe are seen. But during the credits sequence of the first episode, we Annie plastering the holes. So how did they get back?

Correction: All she did was fill in the holes to make the surface even. So there are still visible marks where the table was hit with the ax. The only way to make them go away entirely would be to paint the whole table, which we never see them do.

Competitive Ecology - S3-E3

Corrected entry: Pierce tells the Biology teacher that the study group members are the only people he has told about having sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom. However, in 3.04 'Remedial Chaos Theory', Pierce tells the group about Eartha Kitt for the first time. Also, in 3.03 Shirley calls Britta's lighter her "marijuana lighter", but she doesn't find out about Britta smoking weed until 3.04. These errors are due to 3.03 and 3.04 being aired out of order according to their production, and have been acknowledged and confirmed by creator Dan Harmon himself, but they still count as mistakes.


Correction: Those two revelations only happened in the alternate timelines, not in the main timeline. In the main timeline, Pierce was about to mention Eartha Kitt, but was stopped (all he said was, "Airplane bathroom..." and was cut off), and Britta's smoking was never seen. Additionally, in the alternate timelines, nobody says or implies that it's their first time hearing about Earth Kitt (in fact, in one of them (the Darkest Timeline), they imply that they HAVE heard the story before, because Pierce mentions Eartha Kitt but not sex or the airplane, and the group is still disgusted) And Shirley was ranting about Britta's drug use which can very well be attributed to learning that the whole group decided not to eat her baked goods. It can only be assumed that the revelations came some time before episode 3, off screen. The mention of them being shown out of order is irrelevant given these facts.


Advanced Gay - S3-E6

Corrected entry: We know from this episode that Pierce's father is alive, but at the beginning of episode 1-7 Peirce's mother is on the other end of the phone and speaks about seeing his father's "ghost," as if his father has passed away. (00:02:00)

Veronica Remotigue

Correction: Pierce explains in a later episode that his mother liked to believe that his father was dead.

That's not a proper connection. Her "liking to believe" his father was dead is not her literally thinking he's dead- she just wishes he was dead. So she should know enough to know she couldn't have been seeing his ghost. It's a mistake because they decided to write Pierce's father into the show on a later date.

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Jeff Winger: Hey! Troy sneezes like a girl!
Troy: How about I pound you like a boy...that didn't come out right.



During the scenes in the pool area and the locker room, posters can be seen in the background with the Greendale Human Being on them. However, the Human Being mascot isn't invented until the next episode.



This episode features a pay-off for a joke that was established in the first two seasons. In season one, the character Professor Slater mentions the name "Beetlejuice" while trying to recall Britta's name. In season two, Britta refers to Jeff's underwear as "stripey Beetlejuice numbers" during a conversation. And in this episode, Annie says that Britta has the "Beetlejuice" soundtrack on her computer. As Annie says the name, the character Beetlejuice is visible briefly walking by a window in the background, his name having been said three times. (In the film "Beetlejuice", he is summoned once his name is spoken three times).