Analysis of Cork-Based Networking - S5-E6

Trivia: Actress Paget Brewster appears in this episode as an IT lady named "Debra Chambers." Brewster was eventually cast as a different character during season six named "Frankie Dart." In one season six episode, the character Dart mentions being unable to get ahold of the school's IT worker- a very subtle joke in reference to the character she played a year prior.

Analysis of Cork-Based Networking - S5-E6

Trivia: The news ticket at the bottom of the screen briefly reads "Lavar Burton and non-celebrity captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico." This is a joke reference to the fact that in the previous episode, Troy left to go on a year-long sailing voyage alongside Lavar Burton. This is also the last hint the series gives to Troy's fate, as outside of some references, we never find out what happened to him or if he completed his voyage. (Creator Dan Harmon wanted Troy to come back in season six, but Troy's actor Donald Glover decided against it, feeling he had taken the character as far as he could).

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