Advanced Documentary Filmmaking - S4-E6

Trivia: When Chang and Jeff are discussing his Changnesia, Chang says his short-term memory is getting better and rolls up his sleeve to read the words "side-effect" that he's written on the inside of his arm. On the side of his arm that's facing the camera, he's written a reminder to "Rent Memento."


Captain Defenestrator

Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations - S4-E5

Trivia: During the fifth episode of Season Four ("Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations"), Dean Pelton is shown to be wearing a cowboy's outfit during one scene. This is a very close replica of the cowboy costume Jeff Winger wears in the Season One Halloween episode "Introduction to Statistics." Later, during the seventh episode of Season Four ("Economics of Marine Biology"), when Pelton's pants are pulled down, it becomes clear that he is wearing the same underpants as Jeff from the Season One episode "Physical Education." It is confirmed in the DVD commentary that these are just two of many subtle examples of Pelton emulating Jeff's style, due to Pelton's obsessive crush on Jeff.

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