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Jo Polniaczek: There are people who in this world get shoved around and there are people who do the shoving.

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Starstruck - S3-E15

Question: When Tootie goes inside Jermaine's dressing room why did the bodyguard roughly manhandle Tootie and why was her bust of Jermaine destroyed?

Answer: The guards had no idea if Tootie was a deranged fan or if she had a bomb in her package. This wasn't very long after John Lennon was shot, after all.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Tootie was among the many fan club girls sent complimentary concert tickets and allowed backstage. She thought Jackson personally invited her and barged into the dressing room, believing she was expected. Security assumed she was a possibly deranged fan and took action. The paper-mache' bust was screened for safety, getting destroyed in the process.

raywest Premium member

Answer: The Bust was destroyed by the bodyguards, to them it's another piece of junk among the millions he receives from his "Number One Fan."

No, the guard said he'd been running it under the sink and 'nothing was going to explode now.' They were making sure it wasn't a bomb.

Brian Katcher

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