Best TV mistakes of 1979

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The Dukes of Hazzard picture

The Ghost of General Lee - S2-E6

Continuity mistake: When the bad guys from Sweetwater county try to steal Boss' safe, you see them pushing it up a ramp into the pickup truck. But in the next shot, when Daisy calls the operator, the safe is in the corner. And when Bo and Luke go to untie Daisy, the safe is gone.

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Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo picture

The Scarab Lives! - S1-E1

Plot hole: There is a "scarab alarm" when the blue scarab arrives, Shaggy even comments on hearing this. The problem is, The Blue Scarab is a comic book, so the villain and Shaggy wouldn't know what the Scarab alarm sounded like.

Dan Moat

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Mobile Suit Gundam picture

Escape from Luna II - S1-E4

Plot hole: White Base and the interior of Luna II withstand without a scratch the explosion of the thermonuclear reactor from the Magellan from just a few meters, while the blast literally vaporizes the Zaku far away from the entrance and threatens to damage the Musai, hundreds of meters away.

Sammo Premium member

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Tales of the Unexpected picture

Royal Jelly - S2-E1

Plot hole: It's all very well for Albert to humm "bzz-bzz" to indicate that he has been eating too much Royal Jelly and is no longer entirely human. But "bzz" is just the noise of bees flying, it's not a sound that they deliberately produce. It makes no sense to SAY "bzz." Suppose he was turning into a horse instead, then he might say "Whinny!", but he wouldn't say "Clip clop clip clop."

Spiny Norman

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Ike: The War Years picture

Show generally

Continuity mistake: At the Chequers meeting in early 1944, Sir Bernard Montgomery is wearing the rank insignia of a field marshal. In the later meeting with the King in which the D-Day plans are announced, he is correctly wearing that of the lower rank of general. In fact, Montgomery was promoted from general to field marshal on 1 September 1944, nearly three months after D-Day.


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Prisoner: Cell Block H picture

Season 1 generally

Revealing mistake: When Lizzie awakens on the morning that Edith gets released, Edith doesn't respond and Lizzie goes to her bed to "mourn" the passing of her friend. Except that Edith is still breathing.

eaglegrad16 Premium member

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