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Show generally

Plot hole: In the pilot episode Chuck mentions his mother speaking as though she is still alive and he knew her but in later seasons it is reveled that she supposedly died while giving birth to Chuck and he never knew her.


Season 5 generally

Continuity mistake: In season five, when Blair is in the therapist's office with Chuck, she states that her dad left when she was fifteen. However in Blair Waldorf Must Pie in season 1 it shows that Harold was still with them last thanksgiving, when Blair must have been 16, because her birthday is before thanksgiving.

Gone with the Will - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: When Dan and Jenny are discussing what Rufus and Lily are doing in Boston, Jenny picks up her coat and starts straightening it out before putting it on. The shot changes and she has instantly moved 90 degrees clockwise and is now seen removing her coat. When shot changes again she is suddenly back to her original position and has resumed putting on her coat like she was doing in the first place. (00:01:52)


Desperately Seeking Serena - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: When Dan is going to Serena's hotel room to find out why she haven't gone to the exam, he talks with her in front of the door. His hands are on Serena's neck, but the hand moves between shots,and is under Serena's hair. (00:36:55)

Goodbye, Columbia - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: When Blair is walking between her two minions, she is holding green files and Zoe, the girl to the left (her right), is holding red files. After Serena enters the scene, the shot changes and Blair is now holding red files, while Zoe is holding the green files. (00:01:22 - 00:01:48)


The Lost Boy - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: Before Chuck arrives at Sotheby's, Nate is walking down the street. There's no continuity with the passers-by behind. Check the woman in black with a pearl necklace. She quickens her pace and overtakes him, but in following shots she is still walking behind him.

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Gone with the Will - S2-E15

Continuity mistake: After Jenny makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she leaves the tops off. In the next shot you see the peanut butter has its top on and in the next shot, both the peanut butter and jelly disappear as she sits by Dan.

The Serena Also Rises - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: Right before Eleanor goes out to take her bow, she hands her badge to Blair. Then when she's first seen walking down the runway she has her badge on. In the next shot the badge is off. (00:37:05)

The Undergraduates - S4-E3

Character mistake: Rufus says "That was before I found out you raped my 14 year old daughter." referring to Jenny. Jenny, in previous seasons is 15. Jenny was born in 1993, and season 4 was filmed in 2010, making Jenny 16 at least. (00:25:35)

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Suggested correction: In this scene, Rufus saying, "my 14 year old daughter..." was referring to Jenny's age at the time Chuck tired to force himself onto her (beginning of the first season), not her current age in season 4. Jenny was 14 in the beginning of season 1.


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