Legend of the Seeker
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 1
1 Prophecy (1) 1
2 Destiny (2) 0
3 Bounty 0
4 Brennidon 0
5 Listener 0
6 Elixir 0
7 Identity 0
8 Denna 0
9 Puppeteer 0
10 Sacrifice 0
11 Confession 0
12 Home 0
13 Revenant 0
14 Hartland 0
15 Conversion 1

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Season: 1, episode: 16 "Bloodline". As two soldiers of Darken Rahl approach the plains of Morrow, they break a magical shield which catches them on fire. Two frightened soldiers run away, and the commander shoots one. Keep an eye on the commander - he is still pointing the crossbow even after the soldier dies. The next shot, however, has his crossbow loaded with another arrow, daring anyone else to run away.