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Season 3
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1Billboard Installer0
2Snake Wrangler0
3Leather Tanner0
4Dirtiest Machines on the Planet0
5Bridge Painter0
6Vomit Island Workers0
7Alligator Egg Collector0
8Wild Goose Chase0
9Crew's Cruise0
10150th Dirty Job Extravaganza0
11Special Effects Artist0
12Reef Ball Maker0
13Exotic Animal Keeper1
14Creepy Slimy And Just Plain Weird0
15Spray Insulation Technician0
16Dirty Innovators & Entrepreneurs0

Exotic Animal Keeper - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: While Mike is cleaning out the armadillo's hay, just before he finishes the second one you can see the amount of hay in the bin is a few inches from the top of the bin. The next shot goes to a close up of him removing more hay but the amount of hay now in the bin is a bit below the top.

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Mike Rowe: You know your ship has come in when you get your name on your own garbage can. And your own shovel.

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