This One Time at Space Camp... - S4-E18

Other mistake: When Holly and Fargo are playing Dungeons and Dragons, Holly rolls a d20 die and yells, "Critical hit!" but we can see the 20 on one of the upper sides of the die, meaning that she actually rolled a 2, which is most definitely not a critical hit (and actually nearly a critical miss).


Phased and Confused - S3-E6

Other mistake: Captain Eureka losing his finger makes absolutely no sense. He doesn't cry out in pain, there's no blood, and where the finger ended up is completely illogical. The finger didn't just sever on its own; it's shown that severing only occurs when passing through objects. Captain Eureka goes through a wall that is a good fifteen feet away from where the finger is discovered, and it is implausible to think it could have rolled there on its own.


Pilot - S1-E1

Other mistake: When the parents freak out about Brian being missing, the back of the camper is shown, as is the part of the camper that's missing due to the distortion sphere. But it doesn't make sense; there are some parts of of the camper that shouldn't be there, mainly the one piece above the ground, where the sphere scorched the pavement but left the camper's end right above it completely intact.


Phoenix Rising - S2-E1

Other mistake: When Allison video calls Jack as he's finishing bathing, apparently she can see below the belt, as she remarks for him to cover himself up. But he gets dressed and doesn't move any reasonable distance from the screen, and we then see Allison's view which only captures Jack's torso, so she never would have seen his privates anyway.


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