Homicide: Life on the Street
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Season 2
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1 Nearer My God to Thee 0
2 Fits Like a Glove 1
3 Extreme Unction 0
4 A Model Citizen 0
5 Happy to Be Here 0
6 Crosetti 0
7 The Last of the Watermen 0
8 All Through the House 0
9 Every Mother's Son 0
10 Cradle to Grave 0
11 Partners 0
12 The City That Bleeds (1) 0
13 Dead End (2) 0
14 End Game (3) 0
15 Law and Disorder 0
16 The Old and the Dead 0

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Det. Frank Pembleton: Meldrick! In the mood for a multiple homicide?
Det. Meldrick Lewis: On a Friday night? Always.



In an interior shot of the detectives' vehicle, the car is a late 80s Chrysler (LeBaron or K-Car), obvious from the 'pentastar' logo on the steering wheel and the distinctive gauge layout. When the detectives walk away from the car, it is the homicide standard issue Chevrolet Cavalier.



John Munch is the only fictional character played by a single actor to appear on eight different TV series. He was a series regular on Homicide, and crossed over onto "Law & Order", "The X-Files", "The Beat", "Law & Order: Trial By Jury", "Arrested Development", "The Wire", and became a series regular on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".