Mad Men
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Season 1
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1 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 4
2 Ladies Room 1
3 Marriage of Figaro 3
4 New Amsterdam 2
5 5G 0
6 Babylon 0
7 Red in the Face 0
8 The Hobo Code 0
9 Shoot 0
10 Long Weekend 0
11 Indian Summer 0
12 Nixon vs. Kennedy 0
13 The Wheel 0
Season 2
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1 For Those Who Think Young 0
2 Flight 1 0
3 The Benefactor 1
4 Three Sundays 0

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When Christina Hendricks is about to leave the office, while talking to Don, she is wearing a scarf on her hair. The scarf corner is alternatively tucked in her coat collar and then outside, and inside again etc. in alternate angle shots of the scene.



The character Ted Chaough is briefly heard ordering an "Old Spanish" at a bar during the episode. This is a very quick and subtle reference to the popular cult-comedy series "30 Rock." In "30 Rock", the "Old Spanish" is a fake drink that character Cooter Burger is jokingly convinced is real as a prank by co-workers at the White House. The drink was rather nauseatingly comprised of red wine, tonic water and olives. "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm had previously co-starred on "30 Rock" and is friendly with its creator Tina Fey, thus the reference.