Remington Steele
Show generally 4
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 License to Steele 0
2 Tempered Steele 0
3 Steele Waters Run Deep 0
4 Signed, Steeled, & Delivered 0
5 Thou Shalt Not Steele 2
6 Steele Belted 0
7 Etched in Steele 1
8 You're Steele the One For Me 0
9 In the Steele of the Night 1
10 Steele Trap 2
11 Steeling the Show 0
12 Steele Flying High 0
13 A Good Night's Steele 0
14 Hearts of Steele 0
15 To Stop a Steele 2
16 Steele Crazy After All These Years 0
17 Steele Among the Living 0
18 Steele in the News 0

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Remington Steele: Atomic man is wanted for murder.
Remington Steele: Really, I didn't realise the penalty for bad acting was that stiff in this country.



Laura successfully knocks out both bad guys, steals their van and crashes through the warehouse doors. The van doesn't stall, but inexplicably, she stops it, gets out and runs away on foot, even though the baddies are coming to and coming after her. Not the option you'd expect a kidnap victim to choose: most people would floor it and keep on driving.



Anthony Andrews was the first choice for the role of Remington Steele, but he turned it down.