The Fugitive

The Fugitive (1963)

1 revealing mistake in The Judgment (2)

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The Judgment (2) - S4-E29

Revealing mistake: The last scenes of the grand finale/climax occur in an abandoned amusement park that's supposed to be in inland Indiana. But several shots with the Pacific Ocean "lurking" in the background (despite the cameraman's best efforts to hide or avoid it), as well as palm trees, and ocean sounds intruding on the soundtrack, reveal that the actual shooting location was in Southern California.


Jean G

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In flashback, we see the one-armed man kill Helen Kimble by striking her with a heavy lamp. All through the earlier seasons, though, we were repeatedly told that Helen had been strangled.



This was the first US TV series ever to resolve its story line and air a definitive ending, despite network objections that doing so could harm its syndication revenue. The 2-hour finale, "The Judgment," garnered the highest TV ratings ever up to that time, a record it held for many years afterward.