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The Twilight Zone (1959)

3 mistakes in Stopover in a Quiet Town

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Stopover in a Quiet Town - S5-E30

Visible crew/equipment: When camera pans to Rod Serling for his opening narration, you can very briefly see several crewmembers and some backstage equipment.


Stopover in a Quiet Town - S5-E30

Continuity mistake: Bob's cigarette sets the artificial grass on fire, and he rapidly stamps it out. When he finishes extinguishing the flames, the grass is scorched, but intact. He doesn't touch it again, but one shot later, the burned grass and all its ashes have vanished and a huge hole has appeared, revealing the metal mesh underneath. (00:13:50)

Jean G

Stopover in a Quiet Town - S5-E30

Revealing mistake: The actors are supposed to be in a play set for the huge child, but when she reaches down and picks them up it is obvious that it was filmed in an outdoor setting in a town much bigger than what is supposed to be the play set.

luke f

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