Time Fugitives: Part 1 - S2-E7

Factual error: Costumed superheroes notwithstanding, Bishop wouldn't be allowed to bring his gun into the United States Capitol.

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A Rogue's Tale - S2-E9

Factual error: During a flashback, Rogue is shown absorbing Pyro's mutant power and then creating fire out of thin air. However, Pyro does not have the ability to create fire, he can only control it. That's why he wears a flamethrower on the back of each hand.

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Morph: [imitating Senator Kelly] My fellow Americans, I am an idiot.



Rogue rips off Donald Pierce's cybernetic left arm, but when he is first shown running away, his right arm is the one that is missing. When he catches up with Sebastian Shaw in the secret passageway, his left arm is back to being the one missing.



One of the images in Gambit's mind-scan is of fellow Marvel Comics superhero Ghost Rider.