The Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West (1965)

2 continuity mistakes in The Night of the Green Terror

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The Night of the Green Terror - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: When Loveless crawls into the hollow log for protection against the fire, he leaves the horn by the log's entrance. Its mouth piece side is almost touching the log and is parallel to the log. The next shot shows the charred horn perpendicular to the log. (00:45:30)


The Night of the Green Terror - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: As the delivery man opens the door of the personal train car to leave, the backdrop shows greenery directly by the door. The last shot shows the train amid a very arid area with the trees way off in the distance. (00:48:25)


The Night of the Bubbling Death - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: As West drags the body of a bad guy out of the scene, the supposedly unconscious man is holding his head up so as not to have his head dragged through the dirt. A truly unconscious person's head would flop back on to the ground.

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Trivia: Due to the rigorous stunts he performed, actor Robert Conrad would often rip out the seat of his already too tight pants.

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