My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl (2005)

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Trivia: Episode 2-21, "G.E.D.": Randy fills in the bubbles on a GED test form in the shape of a sailboat. This is a reference to Ethan Suplee's role in Mallrats, where he played a character that could not see a sailboat hidden in a picture.

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Grumpy Scot

Trivia: Most of Catalina's speeches in Spanish (the ones that are not translated) are actually actress Nadine Velasquez speaking to the camera, addressing the viewers. For example, in episode 1-11 (Barn Burner), although it appears that she is throwing insults at Joy, she is actually saying "I want to take this moment to thank our Latino audience for watching. And for those of you who can understand me but who are not Latino, I want to commend you for learning a second language".

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Andy Benham

Trivia: Willie the one-eyed mailman is played by Bill Suplee, real father of Ethan Suplee.

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korporal kool



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