Forever Knight

Night in Question - S3-E10

Plot hole: Bullets, which have been passing harmlessly through Nick for two whole seasons, suddenly do him great injury here. And though he's taken to surgery, the bullet lodged in his head is never removed. It's still there on the latest x-ray when LaCroix arrives to "consult" with the doctor. (00:00:05)

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Night in Question - S3-E10

Plot hole: When LaCroix arrives at the amnesiac Nick's loft, Nick recognizes him as "the doctor from the hospital." But Nick was still comatose when LaCroix posed as a doctor and came to his room, so he shouldn't remember that particular "doctor." (00:19:45)

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Night in Question - S3-E10

Plot hole: Because he has no discernible vital signs, the wounded Nick is declared dead in the hospital. When he revives, he's rushed into surgery, where he'd surely have been reattached to a monitor. Somehow, though, no one on the medical staff notices that their patient still has no normal pulse or heartbeat. (00:05:05)

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Dark Knight: The Second Chapter (2) - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: The blood stains on Nick's white turtleneck are lighter, then darker, then lighter again, and migrate to different positions, both during his fight with LaCroix in the abattoir, and throughout the hospital scenes afterward. (00:10:15 - 00:19:30)

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Natalie: Nick, I'm in the habit of believing 10 unbelievable things before breakfast every day, starting with you.

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I Will Repay - S1-E10

Trivia: The piano piece Nick plays in this episode was composed and performed by Geraint Wyn Davies. He wrote it for his children, as an elegy to a pet bird that had died. (00:09:40)

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Show generally

Question: Two questions. 1. Was there some kind of contributing factor that made Nick want to be human again and if so what was it? 2. In one episode Janette is discovered to be human again. How did she accomplish this?

Answer: Nick was sick and tired of being an immortal bloodsucker. He wanted to be human, fall in love, get married, have children, grow old and die. As for Janette, according to her, she fell in love and the passion she felt "cured" her of her blood lust.

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