NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
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Into the Light - S17-E2

Visible crew/equipment: After McGee tells Gibbs that he overheard the mention of "Paraguay" during the private conversation between Ziva and Gibbs, when it cuts to the next shot just as Ducky joins Kasie in the lab, the orange tape mark and yellow T-mark are visible on the floor. (00:29:20)

Super Grover

The Arizona - S17-E20

Factual error: The X-ray of Joe's arm is of someone much younger, with open epiphyseal growth plates, not something seen in adults.

No Vacancy - S17-E7

Factual error: While investigating a Marine's murder, the team uncovers a labyrinth of live-streaming spy cameras hidden in the rooms of a Virginia motel. They show an attic in a motel room with cameras in multiple vents, the problem is that there are no air duct tubes which those cameras should have been mounted in. With no duct work you have no heat or no A/C, all you get is dust.

See No Evil - S2-E1

[Gibbs is drinking a cup of coffee.]
Kate Todd: Gibbs, it's like one hundred degrees in here. How can you drink that stuff?
Leroy Gibbs: It keeps me cool.

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Show generally

Question: I finally saw the 2-part episode from the show JAG. Does anyone know what happened to Viv Blackadder? I don't recall hearing anyone ever mention the name on NCIS.

Answer: I hadn't seen the backdoor pilots yet but while it wasn't explicitly stated, at least onscreen, I heard somewhere Vivian got either fired from NCIS due to jeopardizing a case, got resigned from the agency, or transferred to the FBI.


Answer: I dont believe it is ever mentioned, but like most pilot episodes the characters are often changed, replaced or even removed in this case.

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