NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Truth or Consequences - S7-E1

Plot hole: Near the end of the episode when Tony, Ziva and McGee are fleeing from the building where they were held captive, Gibbs appears out of nowhere to save their lives. But just moments before, Gibbs was more than a mile away, acting as a sniper.

Truth or Consequences - S7-E1

Plot hole: We see Gibbs fire his sniper rifle and kill Saleem from a hill several hundred meters away over hilly and sandy terrain. We then see him shoot a guard while Tony and McGee are getting free. By the time they have walked down the corridor (about a minute) Gibbs has appeared in the hallway in full desert sniper suit. (00:40:00)

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Season 8 generally

Plot hole: For such a dangerous serial killer, Lt. Cobb should be more securely restrained than he is. He wears a simple pair of handcuffs, with only one security escort.

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Lt. Jane Doe - S2-E4

Plot hole: It really doesn't make sense that they found the real killer from Jane Doe #1 assuming he also killed Jane Doe #2. They only found him because they assumed he was in prison for the last 10 years. One could explain that he must have gone to prison shortly after the first murder because he said he'd be back but wasn't, but that he was actually recently released is just pure coincidence. And without finding him they would never have suspected Officer Cluxton.

Cloak - S6-E8

Plot hole: Season 6, episode 8 ("Cloak"). When Ziva and Tony take the elevator two floors down this takes a full minute. When in a hurry for a call it speeds down, yet for this conversation it (conveniently) took a minute.


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Suggested correction: That's because whenever they get a call, or use the lift we see them get in, then arrive where they are going in the next shot. Whenever we see inside the lift it is predominately when Gibbs stops the lift to have a private chat with someone.

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Agent Afloat - S6-E2

Trivia: Season 6, "Agent Afloat": Maybe real aircraft carriers posing as fictional ones shouldn't let viewers see their registration numbers. When this episode aired, producers heard from several "carrier purists" complaining that CVN74 is the U.S.S. John C. Stennis, not the (non-existent) Seahawk.

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Show generally

Question: I finally saw the 2-part episode from the show JAG. Does anyone know what happened to Viv Blackadder? I don't recall hearing anyone ever mention the name on NCIS.

Answer: I hadn't seen the backdoor pilots yet but while it wasn't explicitly stated, at least onscreen, I heard somewhere Vivian got either fired from NCIS due to jeopardizing a case, got resigned from the agency, or transferred to the FBI.


Answer: I dont believe it is ever mentioned, but like most pilot episodes the characters are often changed, replaced or even removed in this case.

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