NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Bikini Wax - S2-E18

Audio problem: When Abby tells McGee to shut up near the end, the audio is out of sync with her mouth.


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The Curse - S1-E5

Audio problem: When Gibbs, Tony and the other Agent are walking through the ship, Gibbs makes a comment about the 3rd agent "taking her word." When he says this, his mouth doesn't move.


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Witch Hunt - S4-E6

Audio problem: When Palmer says the line about Ducky chasing the youths, his mouth doesn't move for the words "three blocks".


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Light Sleeper - S3-E14

Audio problem: At the end when DiNozzo is explaining to the marine what happens, the audio doesn't match his mouth.


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Red Cell - S2-E20

Audio problem: When McGee asks "what kind of interrogation technique is that?" The audio doesn't match up at the end of the sentence.


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Pop Life - S2-E16

Audio problem: As Gibbs says "I'm impressed, DiNozzo" his mouth doesn't move in time with the audio.


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Pop Life - S2-E16

Audio problem: When Ducky is explaining about there being 4 litres of blood, his mouth doesn't move.


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Witness - S2-E14

Audio problem: When DiNozzo and the female driver part ways she says "You know where to find me," however her mouth doesn't move.


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Heart Break - S2-E8

Audio problem: When DiNozzo is talking down to McGee at the start, the is an over the shoulder shot of him questioning human combustion. However the audio and mouth don't match up.


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A Weak Link - S1-E22

Audio problem: When Gibbs tells DiNozzo to check every rope and D-link, DiNozzo says "You got it boss" however his mouth only says "You got it"


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Enigma - S1-E15

Audio problem: When FBI agent Fornell says about finding out if Gibbs is helping Ryan, he will have him charged, the audio is overdubbed.


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Caught on Tape - S2-E15

Audio problem: When Moore's widow sees her lover being brought in, she shouts "Roger!" - but her lips don't move.


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Todd: What you doing?
DiNozzo: Chronicling this little conversation for our next meeting with Ducky.
Gibbs: Are you done?
DiNozzo: Almost.
Gibbs: Done or Fired are the choices.
DiNozzo: Done.



When Tony shows Chandler's boarding pass to McGee for photo evidence, Tony's hand moves from holding the upper edge to the lower edge.



Donald Bellisario makes a cameo as a visitor passing by Gibbs at Bethesda hospital at the end of the episode.