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Deliberate mistake: Though he moved freely about the station in his environmental suit, Kosh was never actually seen going through a door. He approached doors, but then, sometimes rather disconcertingly, would suddenly be shown on the other side. The reason: look closely and you'll realise his costume was too large to fit through any of the doorways on the set, so in reality the character would never have been able to move around the station.

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Captain John Sheridan: Delenn, I have been working up a good mad all day and I am not about to let you ruin it by agreeing with me.

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Trivia: Walter Koenig's recurring Psi Corps character, Bester, was named in honor of science fiction writer Alfred Bester, who coined the term "psi cop" in one of his many novels about psychic manipulation.

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Chosen answer: She was promoted to Captain and thus had to leave Babylon 5, becoming a captain on a new Warlock class ship. Later on she retires/quits and becomes the top Ranger on Minbar.

Answer: She was promoted to Captain and headed a new class of ship called the Warlock. Hence she was no longer on the station after season 4, dealing with her grief from Marcus dying.

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