Babylon 5

A Race Through Dark Places - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: Before she's succeeded in her effort to move it with telekinesis, Talia's penny reverses itself on the table between takes, changing from tails-up to heads-up.

Jean G

Shadow Dancing - S3-E21

Revealing mistake: When he's attacked in Down Below, Dr. Franklin is shoved against a station bulkhead/wall that wobbles when he hits it. (00:15:30)

Jean G

Show generally

Deliberate mistake: Though he moved freely about the station in his environmental suit, Kosh was never actually seen going through a door. He approached doors, but then, sometimes rather disconcertingly, would suddenly be shown on the other side. The reason: look closely and you'll realise his costume was too large to fit through any of the doorways on the set, so in reality the character would never have been able to move around the station.

Jean G

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Trivia: Walter Koenig's recurring Psi Corps character, Bester, was named in honor of science fiction writer Alfred Bester, who coined the term "psi cop" in one of his many novels about psychic manipulation.

Jean G

Lines of Communication - S4-E11

Trivia: Marcus tells the Mars resistance fighters that he was raised on the planet Arisia. J. Michael Straczynski used that name as an homage to one of his favorite science fiction book series, E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensmen novels, in which the Arisians were the good guys. (00:16:00)

Jean G

Trivia: Special effects artist Ron Thornton based the design of the Vorlon ships on the shape of a bulb of garlic.

Jean G

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Citizen G'Kar: Oh, why does the universe hate me.

Dr. Stephen Franklin: Doesn't anyone listen to one damn word I say?

Kosh Naranek: Ah, you seek meaning?
Talia: Yes.
Kosh Naranek: Then listen to the music, not the song.

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The Face of the Enemy - S4-E17

Question: What is the song playing in the bar, after Sheridan has been drugged and is fighting off the attackers (when the scene goes into slow motion)?

Gary O'Reilly

Chosen answer: It was a piece composed expressly for the episode by Christopher Franke, who simply called it "Bar Background Music."

Jean G

Season 4 generally

Question: What did Susan do after she left at the end of season 4?


Show generally

Question: Was Talia ever mentioned about after the placed personality took over and she left?


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