Joan of Arcadia

Joan of Arcadia (2003)

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Season 1
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1 Pilot 0
2 The Fire and the Wood 0
3 Touch Move 0
4 The Boat 0
5 Just Say No 0
6 Bringeth It On 0
7 Death Be Not Whatever 0
8 The Devil Made Me Do It 0
9 St. Joan 0
10 Drive, He Said 0
11 The Uncertainty Principle 0
12 Jump 1
13 Recreation 0
14 State of Grace 0
15 Night Without Stars 0
16 Double Dutch 0
17 No Bad Guy 0
18 Requiem for a Third Grade Ashtray 0

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When Adam gets angry at Joan in the art room because of the camera, his half-made sculpture is sitting on the desk. When he grabs his bag toward the end of the scene, he accidentally knocks it over, unbalancing it. But in the next shot it's balanced again, then suddenly it's unbalanced. This happens several times between shots, and can even be seen in one shot before he knocks it over.