Star Wars: Clone Wars

Chapter 8 - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Durge fires his in-built flamethrower at Obi-Wan, the Jedi Force-crushes the weapon. but in the scene where Obi-Wan's hand is closing into a fist, the flame stream stops just before that; and when the scene switches to Durge's arm, the flamethrower is still firing just before its muzzle is crumpled up.

Chapter 8 - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: During the first duel with Durge and Obi-Wan, Durge's bike is totalled and Obi-Wan's gets hacked to pieces as Durge swings it at Obi. However, as soon as the fight is over, Obi-Wan picks up his bike, completely undamaged, and goes off on his merry way. None of the other trooper's bikes are ever seen anywhere near them.

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Oro Dassyne: I wonder how many they'll send. We've got so much firepower in here, these walls are ray-shielded. They can't take this fort. It'll probably be, uh, fifty Jedi. They'll need at least that many. Huh, maybe a hundred Jedi! They'll never take this base with less. Ha, they'll need an army of Jedi!
Battle Droid: I have a visual.
Oro Dassyne: Jedi?
Battle Droid: I think so.
Oro Dassyne: How many? A thousand?
Battle Droid: No.
Oro Dassyne: Eighty?
Battle Droid: No, sir.
Oro Dassyne: What? Fifty?
Battle Droid: Less.
Oro Dassyne: Forty? Come on, how many?
Battle Droid: Two.
Oro Dassyne: What?! Give me those!



When Anakin prepares for take-off, C-3PO and R2 can be seen standing right by his fighter. But as he takes off, they can suddenly be seen standing by Padmé - several floors above.



Of the real-life Star Wars cast, only Anthony Daniels (C3P0) is present in the series.