Gimme Shelter - S17-E12

Corrected entry: When Nikki phones the ED to ask for a medical team, Simon says they have got the overflow from St. James' RTA and they are 'Flat Out.' This is evident by the number of patients and nurses behind him in Resus. He says they are already one doctor down, with Lara being banned from Resus. But later, when Lara is talking to the wife who is later brought back in because her husband hit her, the wife starts to shout. Harry comes out of his office and comes over to them. If Resus is overcrowded and understaffed, which is evident by the fact that the only doctor in there is Simon, why isn't Harry helping out? There are about five patients and only Simon and some nurses to deal with them. Surely Harry should be helping? Obviously he is only in his office so that he could have the argument with Lara and end up taking her home.

Correction: Harry could very well have been on the phone and it was an important phone call so he couldn't help out. Beside the team would have paged him. So it is obvious he is busy.

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Plot hole: People are always told to not use their mobiles while in the hospital. However, the staff constantly use theirs.

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John 'Abs' Denham: Nina, could you possibly run Ellen into town?
Nina Farr: No. But I can run her over.

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Trivia: Most of the A&E cubicle curtains actually hide equipment and cameras.

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