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Plot hole: People are always told to not use their mobiles while in the hospital. However, the staff constantly use theirs.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the episode on Sat. 21st July 2007: At the end of the episode, Guppy is seen by an ambulance, and in the window you can see all the camera equipment.

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Gimme Shelter - S17-E12

Plot hole: Would Holby Control really send two technicians on a shout together? Surely they should have at least one proper paramedic who can perform the activities needed? Also, how come in earlier episodes when Nikki hasn't passed the Technician exam, she still has Technician on her badge, and not trainee or something?

There's No Place Like Home - S28-E16

Character mistake: The old photo of Sylvia and her friend shows them in RAF uniform. Sam, who is a serving British Army officer and could be expected to recognise the very obvious differences between the uniforms, keeps referring to Sylvia being in the Army and Sylvia does not disagree with her.


Episode #33.22 - S33-E22

Character mistake: Charlie says that Iain has been a paramedic for ten years. Iain actually joined as a student paramedic in August 2013 immediately after leaving the Army (in which he was an infantryman, not a medic). As 'Casualty' operates in real time and this episode was shown in February 2019, Iain has therefore been a paramedic for only five and a half years.


Episode #32.43 - S32-E43

Revealing mistake: When Alicia slaps Bea, her hand actually misses Bea's face.

Exile - S29-E32

Continuity mistake: Louis Fairhead's year of birth is given as 1992. He was actually born during Series 11 in 1996.


Charlie Fairhead: Now leave me alone or I'll call Security.
Colin Evans: I am Security.
Charlie Fairhead: Then kindly throw yourself out.

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Cascade - S6-E15

Trivia: This episode was originally set for transmission on 21 December 1991, but was cancelled after the producers found out it fell on the same date as the 1988 Lockerbie Air Disaster.

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