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4 mistakes in Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not - S1-E13

Visible crew/equipment: When the blue pickup drives into the equestrian centre with the brown horsefloat on the back, you can see the shadows of the camera crew on the ground.

Forget Me Not - S1-E13

Revealing mistake: When KITT is in the valet carpark, he pushes the cars in front of him forwards. It is very obvious they have attached rubber protectors to the bumpers to prevent damage. Also, when KITT is driving by himself 10 seconds later, you can see the stunt man's hands driving the car.

Forget Me Not - S1-E13

Continuity mistake: When KITT drives off the edge of the cliff, the car changes from a pontiac to another standard car a number of times. When KITT lands, his flight trajectory was from approximately 10 feet, not 100 feet. He should have landed like a belly flop onto the sand, not a shallow dive.

Forget Me Not - S1-E13

Revealing mistake: Watch the scene where Michael fights two guys for a purse. Michael calls KITT for help. When KITT jumps off a cliff, an old vehicle is the one that jumps off the cliff instead.

Joseph Z

Michael Knight: I need ya buddy.
KITT: Right away Michael.

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Trivia: David Hasselhoff, who plays Michael Knight on Knight Rider, was married to Catherine Hickland from 1984-89 and in 1992 Catherine married an actor whose real name is Michael E. Knight.

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