3rd Rock from the Sun

Dick's Ark - S6-E12

Character mistake: Sally tells Dick that he's jealous of her gig as a weather girl because he's never been on TV. However, Dick did appear on TV as a panellist on a talk show highlighting Dr. Strudwick's physics book in the season 4 episode Dick vs. Strudwick. Dick ended up turning the show into a Jerry Springer-like fiasco, and Sally even attended the taping. (00:10:40)


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Dick and Taxes - S4-E12

Question: When Mary asks Dick what he expected for not paying his taxes when he learns he owes thousands to the IRS, he responds with, "I certainly didn't expect my girlfriend to wear my ass as a snowshoe!" I'm not sure I have ever understood this joke. What is the meaning behind it?


Answer: The writers often have Dick respond to Mary with a retort that he thinks is in the common vernacular but makes a mistake in wording that is often funny. Dick seems to be imputing a criticism from Mary and responds with a corruption of the more common "I'm going to wear your ass like a hat!" I doubt it has anything to do with owing taxes. Probably just one of the writers assuming a common regional phrase would be universally recognized.

That makes total sense. I always interpreted it as perhaps snowshoes are an expensive item, and given that he was blaming Mary for his newfound financial woes, he was equating her living off his generosity and used snowshoeing as a metaphor.


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