3rd Rock from the Sun

3rd Rock from the Sun (1996)

5 mistakes in season 6

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Dick's Ark - S6-E12

Character mistake: Sally tells Dick that he's jealous of her gig as a weather girl because he's never been on TV. However, Dick did appear on TV as a panellist on a talk show highlighting Dr. Strudwick's physics book in the season 4 episode Dick vs. Strudwick. Dick ended up turning the show into a Jerry Springer-like fiasco, and Sally even attended the taping. (00:10:40)

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See Dick Run (1) - S1-E20

Sally: You know, I just really resent how we're supposed to jump every time the Big Giant Head sends a message.
Dick: I know. Everyone knows he only got the job by kissing the big giant butt.

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Dick on a Roll - S3-E12

Trivia: Dick is never seen walking in this episode and is only in an upright position when he moves from the chair in the lounge room to the wheelchair in the opening scene. This is because John Lithgow hurt his ankle playing tennis, and the episode was written to allow him to be in a wheelchair for the entire episode.


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