Grange Hill

Grange Hill (1978)

3 mistakes in Episode #22.3

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Episode #22.3 - S22-E3

Continuity mistake: During the fire alarm when the staff and pupils are assembling in the playground, a boy points out judi trapped at a upstairs window to Mr Brisley by saying "sir look." There is no one behind them, the angle changes and there are now a crowd of pupils behind them.

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Episode #22.3 - S22-E3

Continuity mistake: When Judi is lying on the ground after her fall, her school tie has straightened by itself.

Episode #22.3 - S22-E3

Continuity mistake: At the start of this episode it is raining heavily, but when Cathy drops Alec off there is bright sunshine and the ground is dry even though Alec is still wet. But when the school is out in the playground after the fire alarm has sounded, the ground is wet again.

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