Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Trial Schmile - S9-E3

Plot hole: Tim says to Donna and Gaz that Janet asked him to find new tenants for her house when she moved to Milton Keynes. But in S7E6 "Six months later" Donna agreed with Gaz to buy Janet's house to save her house getting repossessed, so by rights Donna and Gaz could have moved in there without the help of Tim because she owns the house. And apparently Donna has had to sign on in series 9, but she could have sold Janet's house after a while of living there if she didn't want to live in Janet's house for the rest of her life with Gaz.

Laura Low

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Jonny: My daughter will want for nothing. She'll have dollies-a-plenty. And bears but no clowns, they scare me. And on a perfect summer's eve, when the sun dances like... Michael Flatley... after our dinner of spaghetti hoops, we shall run like Billy-ho himself, down to a sea so calm it would make Des Lynam look like a big, scary wolfman. She will be the most cherished little girl in the whole world. My little Ferrari.
Janet: Jonny, I'm not pregnant.
Jonny: Oh thank fuck for that.



Series 5 Episode 3 (Shrink): When Louise comes on screen to give Janet an ink blot test, one of the furry microphones can be seen at the top-centre of the screen.



In the final episode of series 6, you can see the brand name on the crisp packet that kills Kelly. It is Nickson's - named after Susan Nickson, who created the series.