Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

When Janet Met Jonny - S4-E1

Corrected entry: It is often mentioned that Janet and Jonny were together at school, yet in "When Janet met Jonny" they supposedly meet for the first time in a nightclub.


Correction: "When Janet Met Jonny" at the end of series 3 was one of two "special" spin-off episodes that may well not be canon with the rest of the series. The other "special" episode was at the end of series 6, in which all the main characters died, yet they were all alive and well for series 7.If the events of "When Janet Met Jonny" were referenced in any other episode then this may be a valid mistake, but as it is, the episode can be considered non-canon.

Show generally

Corrected entry: Donna's younger sister seems to disappear after the first season - and it's not mentioned what happens to her after Donna's Mum dies.


Correction: More than likely she is living with her dad - it was mentioned in series 6 that Donna's dad is also looking after her chav-like brother.

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Jonny: My daughter will want for nothing. She'll have dollies-a-plenty. And bears but no clowns, they scare me. And on a perfect summer's eve, when the sun dances like... Michael Flatley... after our dinner of spaghetti hoops, we shall run like Billy-ho himself, down to a sea so calm it would make Des Lynam look like a big, scary wolfman. She will be the most cherished little girl in the whole world. My little Ferrari.
Janet: Jonny, I'm not pregnant.
Jonny: Oh thank fuck for that.



Series 5 Episode 3 (Shrink): When Louise comes on screen to give Janet an ink blot test, one of the furry microphones can be seen at the top-centre of the screen.



In the final episode of series 6, you can see the brand name on the crisp packet that kills Kelly. It is Nickson's - named after Susan Nickson, who created the series.