My Family
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 7
Season 7 generally 0
1 The Ego Has Landed 3
2 Four Affairs and a Funeral 2
3 Once More With Feeling 3
4 Dutch Art and Dutch Courage 1
5 Susan Of Troy 1
6 One of the Boys 2
7 Abi Ever After 0
8 Breaking Up Ain't Hard To Do 0
9 Life Begins at Fifty 2
10 Ho Ho No 2
Season 8
Season 8 generally 0
1 The Parent Trap 0
2 Let's Not Be Heisty 1
3 Cards on the Table 0
4 The Wax Job 0
5 Neighbour Wars 0
6 Can't Get No Satisfaction 0
7 The Abi Habit 0
8 Have A Unhappy Christmas 0
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Michael: The fact is, now that Mum's "hands-off", it's like there's two Bens, and one of you has to go.
Ben: What?
Michael: You're expendable.
Ben: Erm, I'm what... Expendable?
Michael: You see? That's another thing. You're very slow on the uptake.
Ben: Michael, are you firing me?
Michael: Very, very slow.
Ben: I don't believe this. You can't fire me. I quit years ago.

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Trivia: For the entire first season, the hinges on the front door are on the right and the stairs have a corner at the bottom. However in all seasons after this, the hinges on the front door are on the left and the stairs go straight down to the floor, no corner. (Some sets do sometimes change between the pilot episode and episode 2, but I have never seen something change after a whole season.)


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Answer: Easy. He could have got the guitar at any point in his life. As for keeping it in the attic? You're not going to throw out a £1000 guitar any time soon.

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