Your Place or Mine? - S2-E24

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Barbara Jean is telling Van and Cheyenne about Kyra (and Brock's hair) you can see a shadow on Van's shirt, that you assume is BJ's, but she is ducking through the window below him.

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House Rules - S2-E1

Visible crew/equipment: When Brock comes over to Reba's house in his dental suit, the reflection of a screening monitor can be seen in the glass of the front door.

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The establishing shots of the houses in the series show houses that nowhere match with the interiors and how they are set up. In addition the exterior sets are nowhere the same as how the establishing shots show what the outsides look like.



As everyone is getting ready to welcome Sadie, Barbara-Jean randomly says, "Jerry Maguire is my favorite movie." Mellisa Peterman (Barbara-Jean) played Hooker 2 in Fargo which was up against Jerry Maguire for a Best Picture Oscar.