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Wonder Woman (1976)

3 mistakes in Screaming Javelins

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Screaming Javelins - S2-E14

Continuity mistake: Diana spins herself into Wonder Woman before she enters the gym. Watch the trash can behind her - it suddenly disappears. Additionally, in the widescreen version, a security guard can be seen standing between the car and metal door, though surely Diana would not transform into Wonder Woman in right front of someone (the guard is not visible in the original fullscreen version). (00:35:45)

Screaming Javelins - S2-E14

Continuity mistake: When Mariposa is skydiving out of the plane, any time he's seen from afar, he's wearing a black oxygen mask. When the camera is closer to Mariposa, he's not wearing a mask. However, when he lands, he is wearing a mask.

Screaming Javelins - S2-E14

Visible crew/equipment: After Wonder Woman rescues Nadia's boyfriend by tossing the two bad guys off screen, you can see the shadow of a stage hand adjusting a prop of some kind. This can be seen directly behind Wonder Woman as she's grabbing the rope to go and tie the two bad guys together.

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