Show generally 3
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Blink 1
2 Creatures of the Night 2
3 American Dreamers 2
4 Grand Master 2
5 A Man a Mile 0
6 Outside Man 0
7 Rain 0
8 Three Generations are Enough 1
9 Officer Blue 0
10 Night, Mother 0
11 Tri-Borough 3
12 Recycling 3
13 Tanglewood 0
14 Blood, Sweat & Tears 1
15 'Til Death Do We Part 0
16 Hush 0
17 The Fall 1
18 The Dove Commission 0

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Mac Taylor: You're not a doctor. You're a murderer with a medical degree.



The CSIs catch a murder suspect putting down a drink can when reviewing security footage of a robbery, and immediately realise they didn't see it at the scene so assume one of the first cops on the scene must have removed it. Thing is though, the murderers shot out the security camera before the actual shooting occurred, meaning there was loads of time off-camera for the killers to take the can with them, but the CSIs never even consider this - they jump to the conclusion a cop took it even though there's no actual evidence for that.



This was the first episode in which the teaser ends without the CSI team investigating the crime scene.