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Ovary Action - S4-E12

Corrected entry: When arguing with Carrie about having some of the festive cheese platter, Arthur goes for a "spoon to the wheel of brie", but from a previous episode (Ticker Treat - S4, E6) we found out that Arthur has banned soft cheeses along with celebrating Halloween. (01:10:20 - 01:10:55)

The Minister

Correction: Arthur can be melodramatic and fussy. He probably made a big deal about banning soft cheeses at the time, but isn't very bothered by them in the long run.

Oxy Moron - S4-E10

Corrected entry: Spence asks Doug to arrange a meeting between him and Danny about possibly renting a place together. However, in the previous few episodes it is established that they are all friends already. (00:03:20)

A Demon Premium member

Correction: People are often more formal when dealing with money, business, renting, etc. Spence might not have felt comfortable approaching Danny directly. Perhaps he felt that he and Danny were not as close as the rest of the guys. Spence seems to have met Danny through Doug. It would not be strange for him to present the idea to Doug first.

Correction: Spencer and Danny actually went to high school together, according to the reunion episode where Spencer claims to have slept with the Spanish teacher. A formal introduction initiated by Doug over an apartment rental would've been unnecessary by that time.


A Demon Premium member

No Retreat - S4-E5

Corrected entry: At Carrie's office retreat when Doug is pretending to be on the phone, the guy in the blue shirt at the buffet keeps repeating the same movements and changing position between shots. (00:07:10)

The Minister

Correction: If you look closely he is examining all the forks on the table. Thus it appears he is making the same motions.

A Demon Premium member

Patrons Ain't - S4-E22

Corrected entry: At the end, when the scout comes to the door selling cookies, Doug decides to buy a box of the shortbread ones. If you look at the cookies he actually takes, it's a box of the chocolate covered peanut butter cookies. (I believe Girl Scouts call them Tag a longs).


Correction: While he may have wanted a box of Shortbreads, he's in such a hurry he just grabs the closest box without looking. Since each box costs the same, she wouldn't care what he took. I've bought the wrong cookies before because I grabbed the wrong box without caring.


Ovary Action - S4-E12

Corrected entry: When Arthur questions Carrie about having some of the festive cheese platter, he asks if it has anything to do with 'the appending arrival of Douglas' parents'. Appending is not the right word: he probably meant to say 'impending'. (01:10:20)

The Minister

Correction: The character of Arthur is known to be obnoxious, boorish, and eccentric. He is often wrong and certainly does not seem teachable. Combined with his use of flowery speech makes the use of the word "appending" exactly his character style.

Shrink Wrap - S4-E25

Corrected entry: When Carrie and the psychiatrist are at the birthday party in her flashback, she says that the cake he is eating is "like forty-two years old". If this flashback took place forty-two years ago and the young Carrie at the party appears to be around eight or nine, then adult Carrie would have to be at least fifty years old.

Correction: She's exaggerating, she just means that the cake is very old.


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