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4 mistakes in Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival

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Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival - S1-E5

Plot hole: It makes no sense why the police haven't done the most obvious thing and checked for fingerprints on the murder weapon (the knife). It would not only back up the detective's claim that he did not stab the victim (he never touched the knife) but would have given the police a major clue to finding and prosecuting the murderer.

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Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When Monk is in the review board hearing, in long shots, the wastebasket by the board members' table is empty. When one of the reviewers throws away a paper that misses the basket and lands right next to it, there are several papers already in it. In the next long shot and for the rest of the scene, the basket is empty again and the missed paper is at least two feet away. (00:06:15 - 00:07:40)

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Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival - S1-E5

Other mistake: Kitty, the killer, is seen running to Gitomer after Lt. Kirk leaves him. She is supposedly running to stab him, but you can see that both of her hands are empty as she dashes to his side.

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Show generally

Question: Is it ever stated (in-universe or otherwise) if Natalie has a second job, or how she can afford everything, including all her new cars (I've seen her in at least 5 new cars, including an Audi)? She's always complaining she's broke, even after it's revealed she's a Davenport. But she also claims she doesn't take money from them. Plus, she's always trying to get Monk to pay her and/or pay her the full amount she's owed.


Answer: Through the entire show, I don't recall her ever mentioning another job. The two explanations I had for being able to afford those cars, was there might have been a life insurance policy after her husbands death (or Mitch left her quite a bit after he died). The other may have been she had accepted some money from her family willingly or unwillingly asked for it. But in truth, I would imagine it was for product placement in the show. Most shows like Monk tend to keep the characters moderately wealthy or financially healthy, so they can insert products or items for the characters to use. Phones, food items, cars etc.

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Answer: In one of the episodes it shows her going back home and that she came from money. Her parents are wealthy. Maybe that is the answer.

But in the show after it's revealed she comes from money, she states she doesn't take money from her parents, despite still visiting them.


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