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Initial D (1998)

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Correction: Shots are not repeated. There are sections of that pass that look like previous sections, depending on the camera angle. This can be recreated by exploring the road in the various video games it can appear in.

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Corrected entry: Throughout first stage when you see foot shots of Takumi driving, his left foot is on the gas pedal instead of his right foot. This also happens with Bunta when he and Yuichi are taking the Eight Six for a test run on Akina.

Correction: In most cases of the left foot being shown, it is pressed on the clutch pedal or the brake. The right foot is always the one on the gas pedal. In the shots mentioned, the left is simply off-screen.

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Continuity mistake: Kenta's S14 changes color during his race with Takumi. Most notably during the two transitions between traditional animation and CG. The cel drawings give the car an orange tone before switching to the CG's darker but on-model Super Clear Red paintjob.

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